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Sponsor A Sister

Yop is 30 years old. She is a widow with five children and she lives in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State, Nigeria. Yop enrolled on the Women for Women International programme earlier this year.


"I want to learn how to knit, so I can earn money for my family. In the future, I will pass on the skills I have learnt to other women," shares Yop, who enrolled in our programme this year in Nigeria.

You help improve four key areas for your sister



Earning an income

Support your new sister as she receives intensive training for the essential job skills she needs to earn an income and support her family.



Knowing her rights

Your sister will learn about her real value and rights as a citizen, and can become a leader for other struggling women in her community.



Better nutrition means better families

Your funds could help provide a monthly stipend that enables her to pay for necessities like nutritious food and clean water.



A network of women learning and growing together

You could help provide a safe place for your sister, where she is part of a network of like-minded women, so she'll be better able to recover.

Help to transform a life

Sponsoring a sister through our 12-month programme allows her to take charge of her future.

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