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Our Patron, Dame Helen Mirren, joins our supporters, Elizabeth Debicki, Emma Grede, Jude Wanga, Hikari Yokoyama, as well as our Executive Director, Brita Fernandez Schmidt, in celebrating the power of sisterhood with one simple message: it’s time to stand up and be counted with our sisters.

Photo: Hazel Thompson

Our Impact

In their own words and through their inspiring stories, women affected by war and conflict remind us of their strength and determination to overcome the most daunting challenges. We reach out to women who are often left behind – those who struggle with poverty and violence, who are denied basic education and health care, and who suffer greatly from conflict.

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Our Supporters

We are so grateful for the support we receive from individuals, companies, governments and institutions. Read on to find out more about how this support makes a real difference for women survivors of war.

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By choosing these products, partners and ways to shop, you can change the lives of women survivors of war today!

Join the sisterhood

Take action, and lend your voice to create a chain of inspiration. Together we will use the power of our collective voice to support women in war-torn countries, the most vulnerable women in the world.