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Country Profile - South Sudan


Between 2006 and 2016, Women for Women International – South Sudan served more than 15,000 women through our year-long programme.

The peace that came with South Sudan’s 2011 independence has been short-lived. Civil war erupted in 2013 and a fragile negotiated peace collapsed in 2016.

Photo: Charles Lomodong
Photo: Charles Lomodong

Recent upsurge in conflict

The recent upsurge in conflict swept through the area in which we were working, and in Autumn 2016, we had to halt our programmes. Based on advice and assessments from our security team, other stakeholders, and NGOs in the region, we made the difficult decision to suspend our 12-month social and economic empowerment programme in South Sudan.

In 2017, we started working with a local peace-building organisation in South Sudan, to provide much-needed psycho-social support to women and other community members, and to build women’s leadership, peace-building and reconciliation skills.

Photo: Tadej Znidarcic

Regina's STORY

"I will continue mobilising other women in the community in utilising the lessons I have learned, and I hope many more of them will be part of the training."

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