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Our programme participants in the DRC holding up soap. Photo: Ryan Carter

"We thought the world had forgotten about us."

A war zone, refugee camp, or unfamiliar host country can be the loneliest place on earth

For millions of women around the world, violence, persecution and poverty are daily facts of life. Many have never known peace or security. Their stories rarely make international headlines; their voices aren’t included in politics or peace talks.

During conflict, women often find themselves confined to their homes because of insecurity, unable to move freely or socialise. Local communications systems may be damaged or destroyed – cutting them off from the wider world.

Many of the women we serve have been uprooted from their homes and lost family, friends, and everyone they depended on for support. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem thrive in isolation.

Being in the house all the time was soul-destroying. I didn’t speak the language and I was so isolated.

Kabira, a Syrian refugee living in the KRI

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Joining the Women for Women International programme was the biggest change in my life. I found myself. I was convinced that I was alone, the only person who had experienced such difficulties.


One of my friends told me about Women for Women International and how it provided training for women. That’s when I learned that I wasn’t alone in my suffering. There are other women, who have the same pain.



Bosnia and Herzegovina

The programme gave me the courage and the skills I needed. Other women encouraged me and gave me new ideas. I am proud to say I am a beekeeper. It gives me a lot of self-confidence.


The knowledge that there are people all over the world who see and hear them can be an incredible source of strength to women

Our training programme focusses on bringing women together, fostering friendships and building a support system that can transform women’s perceptions of themselves and ability to cope.

For women like Zarghuna, Remzije and Sabina it can feel as though the outside world has forgotten about them – making their ordeals all the more devastating. You can be part of that support system, and help an isolated woman feel more connected, confident and capable – the first step to rebuilding her life.

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Your monthly give of £22 could help support a woman through a year-long training programme that would give her the skills and supportive network she needs to transform her life.