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Meet our team

Meet our team

Executive Team

Brita Fernandez Schmidt

Executive Director

I love working here because I get to be with inspirational women and men - from the women we help in countries affected by conflict to my colleagues in the office.

Dani Mason

Executive Assistant

I am inspired to work together with colleagues around the world in creating the world we want to live in –​ a world where all women’s voices are heard, and their rights are respected.

Sarah Redd

Administative Assistant

I am continuously inspired by women around the world, joined together by sisterhood, who are supporting and empowering each other and creating a world full of courage and hope.

Finance and Operations Team

Nick Waring

Director of Finance and Operations

I chose to work for Women for Women International for the amazing work that the charity carries out amongst the most marginalised and vulnerable peoples of the world. In particular, I love the demonstrable impact that the programmes deliver, down to the increase of income of those who attend our courses. To play a small part in the transformative change being delivered globally by Women for Women International is a real privilege.

Ghazala Awan

Finance Officer

I am inspired by my sister, who continues to motivate me in the work I do here at Women for Women.

Danielle Phillips

Office Coordinator

I am inspired by the incredible, dedicated team and also our simple mission of helping women affected by civil war and conflict.

Artur Zarczynski

Finance Assistant

It is a great feeling to know that somewhere out there, there are women whose lives have been transformed thanks to what we do.​

Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Team

Shivonne Graham

Director of Fundraising and Marketing

I am inspired every day by the strength, resilience, hopefulness and vision of the women in our programmes. What they have been through without exception I can never imagine. They are my sisters and what ties us together is stronger than what divides us – by virtue of where I was born I live the life I do. It is my greatest privilege to play even the tiniest role in helping them deliver on their immense potential for themselves, their children and their communities.

Joyeta Bose

Grants Team Leader

With an understanding of the stark realities that the poorest women face in the conflict-affected communities, it inspires me greatly to know that our programmes bring them real opportunities for change.

Sara Bowcutt

Associate Director, Marketing and Communications

I love the phrase 'Empowered women, empower women' – and I think that Women for Women International’s work encompasses this. That’s what inspires me to do my job.

Izzy Clark

Policy and Programmes Grants Coordinator

I am inspired by being part of a diverse global team. On my own, it often seems like the problems and setbacks are insurmountable – but as a group, we are optimistic, ambitious, and fearless.

Laurence Greening

Sponsorship and Database Coordinator

I am constantly inspired by the incredible stories of strength and perseverance of the women we work with. I also strongly believe that it’s important for men to play a part in achieving equality.

Sylvia Kamara

Fundraising Projects Assistant

I am Inspired by the incredible women in our programmes and their strength and determination to overcome the worst of circumstances. It fills me with great joy to know the women in our programmes are given the opportunity and skills to rebuild their lives and that of their families.

Jessica Leach

Marketing and Fundraising Officer

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity every single day to play a part in improving the lives of the inspiring women we serve around the world. I am inspired daily by these women's resilience.

Lucy Scanlon

Senior Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Hearing stories of Women for Women International graduates who have started their own business or found the confidence to stand up for their rights is very inspiring.

Aleks Michalik

Fundraising and Marketing Assistant

I love working with Women for Women International–​ UK because I know everything we do has a positive impact on the women survivors of war, their families and whole communities.

Paulina Stachnik

Digital Marketing Officer

I am inspired by our amazing graduates, like Sylhane, who I met in Kosovo. She shared, "The classes that I attended really made me brave – they pulled out the best from us."

Policy and Advocacy Team

Carron Mann

Senior Manager for Policy and Advocacy

I'm inspired by the resilience of the women we work with and the unwavering passion of my colleagues across the world to deliver our mission.

Policy Manager

Role under development

Role under development.