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Photo: Charles Atiki Lomodong

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See here for notes from the field, the latest news and much more!
Hear from our staff about our work and the global context and from our amazing supporters who are helping us raise the voices of the women we serve the world over.

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Engaging Men - From Nangarhar to Hollywood

Women for Women International and 20-first are tackling gender inequality and discrimination from countries affected by conflict to boardrooms and homes across the West, making equality everyone's business.


Anne's share lunch

Read about how our supporter, Anne, brought friends together in support of women survivors of war.


Domestic violence in Nigeria

Women for Women International is raising awareness of domestic violence in Nigeria, teaching women in local communities about their rights and avenues to seek redress in cases of abuses.


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Brita Shares: IWD 2017

Brita talks about the importance of International Women's Day and her life-long passion for empowering women.


Join us at the Women's March on London

Join us at the Women's March on London

A global movement to unite against inequality

Women for Women International takes part at the Women's March in London to demonstrate our support of the women behind the news stories, the women whose hopes and dreams are so often overshadowed by war and conflict.


Two years later

Two years have passed since the genocide on the Yezidi community. We are supporting refugee women to rebuild their lives by giving them the means to provide for themselves and their families.