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Photo: Charles Atiki Lomodong

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Hear from our staff about the context of our work and from our amazing supporters who are helping us raise the voices of the women we serve.

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Keeping the window open

The harsh conditions of conflict and displacement in the KRI have forced families and communities to allow women to engage in economic activities. This necessity can be a window of opportunity.


From primary-school dropout to entrepreneur

This International Women’s Day, one of our Rwanda programme graduates, Clarisse, shares her inspiring story of beating the odds to become a successful businesswoman.


Solar Sisters

We are incredibly proud and inspired by two of our programme graduates in Nigeria who have been recognised for their outstanding achievements marketing and selling clean energy products in their communities.



We spoke to our committed Ambassador, Arizona Muse, about the power of sisterhood and her role in the creation of a partnership with Chinti & Parker.


100 Years Of #MeToo

Our Executive Director, Brita Fernandez Schmidt, discusses the inherent inequality in our society and what we can do to redress it.


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Cycling Through the Gateway to Hell

In November 2017, 12 women embarked on a two-week Mountain Biking Expedition across the Danakil Depression of Ethiopia, to raise funds for our work with women in countries affected by conflict.


Engaging Men - From Nangarhar to Hollywood

Women for Women International and 20-first are tackling gender inequality and discrimination from countries affected by conflict to boardrooms and homes across the West, making equality everyone's business.


Supporting women to deliver the changes they want

Women for Women International is providing programme graduates in Afghanistan with advanced training in advocacy and leadership skills through a dedicated, three-month programme and supporting them to identify the changes they want to see and advocate for them.