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The Impact of Your Words

Philomena Kwao and Mary Pate from Nigria

Impact of your words

Our supporter Philomena Kwao hand delivers a #MessageToMySister postcard from Elizabeth in the UK to our programme participant Mary in Nigeria. It reads:

"To all my sisters across the oceans and deserts. I sing of hope and joy for you. My heart beats as yours. From me as a mother, sister, daughter, aunt and grandmother I hold you in the light this day and forever. Peace and love be with you."


For a woman who has experienced the worst of humanity, your message will show her that she is not alone or forgotten

Many of the women we serve have been uprooted from their homes and lost family, friends, and everyone they depended on for support. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem thrive in isolation.

Your #MessageToMySister will tell her she’s got a friend she has never met, someone who shares her hopes and believes in her abilities: to rebuild her life, return to her home, give her children a brighter future.

Last year, we received an incredible 1,200 messages from 61 countries, which were translated and hand delivered to women living in some of the world’s most dangerous places. Women like Elizabeth from Nigeria, who said:

I am so glad to receive a card from you. I have learnt so much from the programme. I am encouraged to live on.

Elizabeth, Women for Women International - Nigeria


Women for Women International - Nigeria

I appreciate your card and your words. I thank you so much for your support. Thanks to Women for Women International I can now provide my children with basic school needs.



Women for Women International - DRC

Being part of a group of women who are supportive, I feel valued.



Women for Women International - Bosnia and Herzegovina

When I got my message, I felt very honoured that there are people around the world who are supporting us and giving us inspiration to continue and be successful in the future.

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