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Selfish Mother

Our corporate partners

Corporate partners support our work by sponsoring individuals or classrooms of women to participate in our programme, raising funds with their employees and customers or donating a percentage of sales from a product.

Selfish Mother

Showing solidarity for the global sisterhood with the #MotherTee

In 2014, Molly Gunn, editor of the Selfish Mother blogzine, created the gorgeous #MotherTee to "show solidarity for the global sistahood" and help other women create a better life for themselves, and their families. Since then, sales of the range of #GoodTees have raised over £150,000 for Women for Women International, enough to sponsor more than 550 women through our year-long programme.

Women for Women International seemed the perfect charity to support, as I love the idea of helping women to help themselves.

Molly Gunn, Editor of the Selfish Mother blogzine

Thank you so much, Selfish Mother!

We are so grateful to Selfish Mother for your incredible support in sponsoring over 550 women to take part in our year-long training programme! On behalf of all these women, thank you! Check out the FMLY store and buy your #MotherTee today.