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Mint Velvet

Mint Velvet

We are delighted to have launched our partnership with luxury women’s clothing brand, Mint Velvet, in 2016.

As a company founded by 3 women, female empowerment is central to the brand’s ethos. Mint Velvet have chosen Women for Women International as one of four nominated charities supported in their initiative, #MVGiving. 

Mint Velvet’s support will enable us to enrol even more women into our 12-month training programme, meaning that more women like Awham, a programme graduate from Iraq, will be prepared with the right knowledge, skills and resources to begin rebuilding their lives and communities. Awham remembers the year the war started in Iraq, and the additional hardships she faced after her husband fell ill and lost his job. "I was left to care for my four children with no income. My father had pulled me out of school to arrange my marriage, and I had no skills to start any type of work that could support my family."

The training sessions helped Awham develop valuable skills and gain new insights, which she used to transform her life.“I learned a lot from the training on health, which has helped me to maintain a healthy environment for my children. Because of the training on women’s rights and education, I now insist that my two daughters finish their schooling and become independent before they start thinking about marriage. After graduating, I started my own small business at home using the tailoring skills I learned to provide services to my neighbours and family members. Through this, I managed to provide enough income for my family. This is the open door I was waiting for. Women for Women International was a great opportunity for me.”