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Our Patron, Dame Helen Mirren, joins our supporters, Elizabeth Debicki, Emma Grede, Jude Wanga, Hikari Yokoyama, as well as our Executive Director, Brita Fernandez Schmidt, in celebrating the power of sisterhood with one simple message: it’s time to stand up and be counted with our sisters.

82% of Syrian refugee women are living in daily fear of abuse or aggression. Photo: Alison Baskerville

Sisterhood is a balm for the soul and a medicine for the wounds I have received. We rejoice together, we exchange secrets and celebrate together.

Reem, Syrian refugee
Rwanda_Photo: Hazel Thompson
Photo: Hazel Thompson

About the global sisterhood

Dame Helen Mirren blogs about the power of sisterhood

"Sisterhood is the sense of community we feel with other women. It’s understanding that our similarities are more powerful than our differences. I think sisterhood means identifying with other women, in whatever circumstances they may find themselves."

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