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Author Brita Fernandez Schmidt
Women for Women International - UK, Executive Director
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Join us at the Women's March on London

We March for Christina

On 21st January, Women for Women International - UK will join the Women’s March on London because it has never been more important for women and men to come together to foster equality.

We march to ensure the voices of women everywhere are heard, and no woman is forgotten. We march for women like Christina.

Christina is a 27-year-old widowed Congolese refugee living at Lasu settlement camp in Yei River County, South Sudan. Christina lost her husband during the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency and since has struggled with the responsibilities faced by single parenthood. Inspired by the passion to learn new skills and the need to network with other women in the camp and in the host community, Christina decided to enrol in our programme. Having fled her home, Christina found that building supportive relationships through classmates in our programme have made a positive impact on her life.

Like others in the camp, I now have many more friends than I used to. [We] share ideas and learn from each other, improving our relationships and fostering peace and harmony in the camp.

Christina, Women for Women International - South Sudan programme participant

Join us

We will march with #SheInspiresMe placards with the names of the women who inspire us the most.

Why we march

Women for Women International stands committed to improving the lives of women survivors of war. We will be marching to demonstrate our support of the women behind the news stories, the women whose hopes and dreams are so often overshadowed by war and conflict.

On 21st January, you have the opportunity to stand up and give a voice to women who might otherwise be forgotten.

I will be marching in honour of Amela, my first sponsor sister from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She told me in a letter “I’m so happy that you know I exist, and that you think of me.” These words inspire me every day. I want Amela’s voice to be represented in this global movement, so I will carry her name on my placard as I march. 

The Women’s March on London will be a powerful expression of our unity and commitment to an equal world for all. I hope you will march with us. 

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