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Anne's Share Lunch

For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about women's empowerment – from taking trips on my own from a young age (because a woman can also travel on her own, can’t she?) to fighting stereotypes in my own house. I discovered Women for Women International after buying their wonderful Share Cookbook for a friend last year, and thought that their amazing work fits exactly with my beliefs.

I have been sponsoring my sister Seraphine for nearly a year now, and am proud to say that she is doing fantastically well and will be graduating soon. As a very busy mum of three and running my own consultancy business, helping Seraphine has brought me so much and on my busiest days, thinking of her always puts a smile on my face.

When I received the inspiring email about hosting an event, I immediately thought that this was something I had to do: sharing a meal with my friends and telling them about Women for Women International fit perfectly together and gave a simple mid-week lunch a special meaning. Planning wasn’t complicated at all and the easy to use Share Toolkit helped me make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. The lunch was a great success. It was amazing to see that for once we didn’t speak about kids, or stress or running around but we shared stories about sisterhood and the meaning of it all.

Together, we managed to raise a total of £160! I am so happy that I had not only an opportunity to share Seraphine’s story and the essential role of Women for Women International with my friends, but also that we raised enough to buy two sewing machines thanks to their generosity. What moved me the most were my friends’ messages of appreciation a few days later. I am very proud to have lent my voice to the chain of inspiration and look forward to doing more in the future for Women for Women International!

I have always believed that we will change the world by changing a woman’s life, one at a time.

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