About the Women We Serve in Kosovo

Women care for 2 children on average

5% have no formal education

Average daily income is $0.33 at enrollment

Women in Kosovo struggle for economic and social equality in a patriarchal society that offers limited job opportunities. During the Kosovo War in 1999, an estimated 20,000 Kosovar women were subjected to systematic rape. In the years following, rates of sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking have remained high.

Yet women like Valbona are forging a new path. With your help, the Women for Women International – Kosovo team provides our yearlong training programmes for marginalised women like her.

Valbona's Story

Our Impact

Since 1999, Women for Women International – Kosovo has served more than 33,000 women through our yearlong programme.

Women for Women International – Kosovo piloted a job placement programme for its graduates in 2012. To date, 504 graduates have been placed in jobs and 957 are seeking jobs through the Women for Women International – Kosovo Job Placement Office.

After graduating from our programme, women report positive changes in four key areas:

Women earn and save money: Women report average personal earnings of $0.98 per day at graduation, compared to $0.33 at enrolment. 

Women develop health and well-being: 92 percent of participants report practising family planning at graduation, compared to 70 percent at enrolment. 

Women influence decisions in the home and community: Nearly 37 percent of women report participating in household financial decisions at graduation, compared to 33 percent at enrolment. 

Women create and connect to networks for support and advocacy: 96 percent of participants report sharing information about their rights with other women at graduation, compared to less than 5 percent at enrolment. 

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