An effective way to help women survivors of war is to raise awareness of their stories of resilience, hope and transformation.

Encourage more people to get involved, sponsor marginalised women to enrol in our programme and help change the world for the better.

Engage with us on social media, your blogs or website to help spread the word.  Sharing our blogs, posts, or even a photo of the letter that you have received from the women you are sponsoring in our year-long programme are especially effective! 

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Tell us about what you are doing to help women survivors of war.  Send your stories to and with your permission, we might include you in our blog, e-newsletter or share your amazing work on our social media.

Supporter spotlight

SClark"I first became interested in Women for Women when I read an article about its founder in a yoga magazine. I was so moved by her story that I just had to find out more about this organisation. I sent an overview of the programme with the four modules to a friend of mine who is in public interest law and he said it was a fantastic programme.  The more I found out about Women for Women International, the more I knew I had found something I wanted to support.  My trip to Rwanda just confirmed my commitment as I was so impressed but what I saw there-- the classes, the farm-- and by the people I met, including my sister."

Susan Clark, Supporter and Sponsor