An effective way to help women survivors of war is to raise awareness of their stories of resilience, hope and transformation.

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Encourage more people to get involved, sponsor marginalised women to enrol in our programme and help change the world for the better.

Engage with us on social media, your blogs or website to help spread the word.  Sharing our blogs, posts, or even a photo of the letter that you have received from the women you are sponsoring in our year-long programme are especially effective! 

Tell us about what you are doing to help women survivors of war.  Send your stories to and with your permission, we might include you in our blog, e-newsletter or share your amazing work on our social media.

Supporter SpotlightSClark

Reverend Tony Ward and the Catholic Women's League 

Reverend Tony Ward (pictured far left) was inspired to support Women for Women International after reading the story of Solange, a programme participant from the DRC, in a magazine last summer.

Driven by her courage and resilience, Tony took it upon himself to share her story with others in his community, hosting a short talk for the local Catholic Women’s League. Inspired by what he had told them, the league’s committee decided host a tea party to raise awareness and funds to support our work. The event raised an incredible £3,000 in support of Women for Women International and attracted support from all over Jersey and beyond!

Since the success of the tea party, Tony has continued to champion our work in his Jersey community, hosting a talk for the local Catholic Men’s League and personally sponsoring a sister through our programme.

Thank you so much for your amazing support!