#SheInspiresMe - Fashion

#SheInspiresMe - Fashion

Our aim is to bring together an inspiring group of powerful women in the Fashion world around the common goal of celebrating the power of inspiration and powerful women to help other women in countries affected by conflict and acknowledge their power and resilience.

#SheInspiresMe - Fashion is an opportunity for designers and brands to mark International Women’s Day 2017 by creating a beautiful iconic design inspired by the strength, resilience and beauty of women and raising money for women survivors of war and conflict.

“There has never been a greater need for the work of Women for Women International in supporting women survivors of conflict. With recent events in the world our commitment is even stronger now to upholding equality for us all for the benefit of our common shared humanity. Worldwide there has always been and there will continue to be many threats to the rights of women and girls. But I see so much strength, resilience and determination every day shown by the women we work with.

#SheInspiresMe – Fashion celebrates women everywhere and we are overjoyed to share our ethos and common goal with such an inspirational and accomplished selection of women. We are hugely grateful for all of the hard work which has resulted in such stunning items and incredibly excited to be able to harness the life-changing power of fashion to support the most vulnerable women in the world.” 
Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director
Women for Women International – UK

#SheInspiresMe - Fashion Manifesto

Fashion is powerful: it’s a statement to the world about your style, your individuality, your passion. What you wear has a big influence on how you feel about yourself. We want you to use this confidence to inspire other women. Together, we can harness the life-changing power of fashion to support the most vulnerable women in the world.

Women in war-torn countries have suffered the unimaginable – bereavement, torture, sexual violence. Their basic rights, freedom and identities as women are stolen and used as a weapon of war. Women for Women International gives women the tools, resources and knowledge to access livelihoods, protect their rights and rebuild their confidence. As a result women can transform their families, communities – and ultimately their nations.

When you shop the #SheInspiresMe range, you are not just adding a beautiful piece to your wardrobe: you are investing in the strength of women in war-torn countries. With your support, women survivors of war can rebuild their lives. Make a real difference today.

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The #SheInspiresMe range is fashion with a purpose – all proceeds from each piece sold will help Women for Women International support women survivors of war to rebuild their lives.

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